Zero Tolerance in any Field of Work

Zero tolerance means that any undesirable conduct will not be accepted and punishment will be given immediately. The term paper on having zero tolerance in any field of work will discuss the importance of zero tolerance in any field of work. Zero tolerance is usually applied in schools and offices which have the students and employees who have the nature not to be controlled by anyone else. The term paper will start with an introductory paragraph which will describe what zero tolerance to the reader is. In the same paragraph, also write the places where zero tolerance takes place. Students also often are looking about type courseworks. Read useful information about it on

The second paragraph, also known as body paragraph of the term paper on having zero tolerance in any field of work, will discuss why certain places have zero tolerance. In schools, zero tolerance is applied so that students who are turning out to be bullies become a bit apprehensive that they might be expelled and therefore due to this rule, students will become attentive in respecting the rules and regulations of the school. Zero tolerance is one of the strictest rules as this means that any misbehavior will directly result in expulsion from the school leading to a bad future. In the work place, zero tolerance can be signified by having no misconduct that can result in termination of an employee.

The student can also write that the workplace should always be treated as a workplace and not a place of having gossips or plotting against colleagues which can harm them later on, in the future. Here, zero tolerance can be applied by directly giving a termination letter to the specific person for his misbehavior towards the office or colleague. Zero tolerance has an advantage that it makes sure that rules and regulations are being followed by everyone in that specific place.

The concluding paragraph will have the summary of the whole paper and it should be written in a way that it leaves a good impression on the reader’s mind. The term paper on having zero tolerance in any field of work should be read thoroughly before submitting, so that if any new ideas arise in the student’s mind, he/she can write it.

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