How to Write a Discussion Paper

A discussion paper is a term or research paper where a thesis statement is thoroughly discussed and examined. Unlike any other paper of similar nature, this paper does not try to prove a point rather presents arguments from both sides and discusses them with equal fairness. The purpose of this paper is to examine all the angles of a topic till a result can be drawn. There are a few tips, which students, who know how to write a discussion paper, use to write a convincing argument.

One of those tips is to make a list of all the questions you want to answer in your paper. Making a list will help with the thought process and will let you come up with more questions and counter arguments. This process is very advantageous as it will leave no question unanswered and you will also come up with many questions that will link with others and help you build a good argument.

Another thing that you must consider if you don’t already know how to write a discussion paper is to prioritize your questions. This approach is recommended when there are a lot of questions and you feel all are important and contribute greatly towards the authenticity of the paper. Prioritizing will also help you determine which questions need discussing at length, and which ones can be explained with fewer short details.

A great way to start the paper would be to start with the weakest argument. By dissecting it easy and effectively, you can create a reputation of authority with your reader which will help him agree to your point when you start discussing the more difficult and strong arguments. A thorough research and in-depth knowledge of both the sides of the argument will help you write an efficient discussion paper.

When you are conducting your research, make sure not to take sides regarding the discussion paper topic. Your nonbiased approach will help you uncover more facts and you can look at different angles and cover more ground. These few simple tips on how to write a discussion paper, if used accurately within the paper, can help you produce a remarkable piece of research paper.

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