Format in Writing a Research Paper

A research paper is a form of writing which involves extensive study of a topic by researcher. A research paper consists of different parts. It starts with an Introduction and is followed by the literature review, methodology and conclusion. After writing a research paper, you are required to format it.

This article has discussed the importance of format in writing a research paper.

The importance of format in writing a research paper cannot be ignored. There are several factors which should be considered when formatting your research paper.  You are required to consider the title page, bibliography, headers and footers. There are different styles available for formatting a research paper such as APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago.

At the start of your research paper, you are required to include a title page. In the title page, you will write your name, instructor name, course title, title of your research paper, and date. In MLA style, you are not required to include a title page however you will write your name along with page numbers in the header section.

The font type and size also differs among various styles for formatting a research paper. However you must select a font size which is easy to read. Usually a 12 font size is appropriate for your research paper. The most commonly used font types include Times New Roman, Courier and Arial.

Every paragraph of your research paper should be justified with a left side alignment. Indent the first word of every paragraph. Setting appropriate margins is also an important part of research paper format. Try to set one inch margins at the top, bottom and right while 1.5 inch margin at the left because you will bind your research paper from the left side. The line spacing of 1.5 should be used throughout your research paper in order to make it more apparent.

In order to make your research paper reliable, giving credit to information sources is necessary.  Credit should be given to books, articles, charts, facts and even pictures. In order to credit these sources, you will cite them within your research paper. In the end of your research paper, you will make a bibliography section. There are various format rules to make the bibliography section in a research paper. These rules differ when you are giving references of books, articles, websites, newspaper, or any personal communication.

Therefore it is important to understand the importance of format in writing a research paper because a correct format can contribute in making your research paper reliable.

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